C++ Grandmaster Certification

Prospective Students

Current Students: C++ Grandmaster I (2013-2014)

In part 1 of the course you will develop a series of components corresponding to all nine phases of translation of C++. You will also exhaustively study the complete latest C++ specification (including the core language and standard library), and be required to submit a written assignment on the material.

Assignment Codename Deadline* Forum Submit/Grading
Programming Assignment 1 pptoken 3 June 2013 pa1 forum submit
Programming Assignment 2 posttoken 3 June 2013 pa2 forum submit
Programming Assignment 3 ctrlexpr 14 July 2013 pa3 forum submit
Programming Assignment 4 macro 14 July 2013 pa4 forum submit
Programming Assignment 5 preproc 14 July 2013 pa5 forum submit
Programming Assignment 6 recog 22 Sept 2013 pa6 forum submit
Reading Assignment A core 12 Feb 2014 raa forum assessed by wai
Programming Assignment 7 nsdecl 12 Feb 2014 pa7 forum submit
Programming Assignment 8 nsinit 12 Feb 2014 pa8 forum submit
Reading Assignment B target 6 April 2014 rab forum self-assessed
Programming Assignment 9 cy86 6 April 2014 pa9 forum submit
Reading Assignment C stdlib 30 June 2014 rac forum assessed by wai
Written Assignment I cheatsheet 3 Aug 2014 wai forum see description

  • (*) All deadlines are at 11:59pm PST on the given date

C++ Grandmaster II

Start Date: TBD

In part 2 of the course you will combine the components you developed in part 1, fill out the semantic analysis phase with remaining language features, implement your standard library, bootstrap a self-hosting build and pass the final conformance test suite.