C++ Grandmaster Certification

CPPGM Honor Code

Participants in the course agree to make the following statements:

  1. I am a natural person, with the full real name provided on the grading account application form.
  2. I will apply for and use exactly one grading account
  3. The code I write for this certification is my own original work, and I will not submit code written by others (other than officially provided starter code)
  4. I will not share or otherwise publish the code I write for this course without prior written approval from CPPGM Foundation.
  5. Every file in my submissions is hand-written, and does not include any computer-generated files.
  6. The code I submit has been previously tested locally by me in the standard environment, and passed the provided test suite.
  7. The building and execution of my submissions does not depend on any tools or libraries other than those officially approved.
  8. I have not hardcoded to the test suite, and have made my best effort to implement the stated requirements.

CPPGM Foundation agrees to the following statements:

  1. Code submitted will not be used for any purpose, other than grading and certification, without prior written consent of the participant
  2. The foundation will not make onerous procedures or undue effort to enforce the honor code