C++ Grandmaster Certification

Submitting Your Solutions

Step 1

Clone your private repository from:

$ git clone <username>@dev.cppgm.org:dev.git

Where <username> is your assigned username.

For example if your username is fred:

$ git clone fred@dev.cppgm.org:dev.git

Step 2

Read the contained README.md and study the skeleton code.

Step 3

Commit your sources as instructed and then:

$ git push

to submit them to the server.

Step 4

The server will build and test your submission and should mail you a build log within a few minutes.

The last line of the build log should contain:


where <n> is the highest programming assignment you have completed.

You must only submit complete and tested solutions. If any of the solutions fail, it will break your entire build. If this happens please correct the problem immediately and resubmit.

As you complete assignments continue to push your codebase to this private repository. At the deadline for PA<n>, where n >= 2, your build log must read RESULT: PASSED BASIC TESTING PA1 to PA<m> where m >= n.


Sometimes you may not receive a mail straight away after you push. This could be because the build queue is on hold, or it could be because we cannot reach your mail server.

If you don't receive a mail you can get your latest log at the URL:


For example if your username is fred your log is at:


Check the timestamp and git commit hash at the top of the log to determine whether it is a mail problem, or the queue is on hold.